An essential part of life

In today’s hectic lifestyle, it is easy to overlook the essential part our hands play in every aspect of our lives. Try not using your dominant hand for 24 hours and discover how much you rely on your hands throughout the day. Every job requires some type of hand use – even basic activities, such as washing and eating, are dependent on hand function.

Expert, experienced

With over 19 bones and joints, and 36 muscles in the hand and ten bones, 11 joints and six muscles in the wrist, this vital piece of human equipment needs expert, experienced care when not operating at 100 percent.

Working with leading hand surgeons in Sydney, the Sydney Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre provides essential pre and post operative therapy to help each patient individually to regain flexibility, strength, movement and coordination. Our goal is to restore hand function.

Quality care

Sydney Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre also provides quality care for conditions such as arthritis, neurological conditions, Dupuytrens disease, tendonosis and tendonitis, joint injuries, fractures and other trauma.


Sydney Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation