Dr. Rosemary Prosser

B.AppSc. (Physiotherapy), MSc. (Physiotherapy), PhD, Certified Hand Therapist

Principal and Director

After training as a physiotherapist, Rosemary has spent over twenty years in the speciality medical field of Hand Therapy where she has striven to advance the field, encourage greater acceptance and recognition of its importance and provide opportunities for herself and others to learn improved, more effective treatment techniques so that patients receive better care and shorter recuperation times.

This drive to improve herself, others and the industry has seen Rosemary become one of the leading experts in her field nationally and internationally.

Rosemary’s efforts and drive have been instrumental to:

  • the development of a new treatment splint and exercise regime for wrist ligament injuries
  • the establishment of an industry education group for the benefit of hand therapists
  • the development of educated and knowledgeable staff and colleagues through dedicated training programs
  • the publication of an important clinical reference textbook now in use by University courses
  • new hand therapy courses developed to educate undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia and New Zealand
  • the access to better hand therapy techniques and treatments for patients in developing countries such as Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar through humanitarian aid trips.
  • her recognised status as one of the leading international experts in hand therapy, sought after to speak at national and international conferences.

Rebecca Darby

Occupational Therapist

RD cropped pictureAfter completing an occupational therapy degree Rebecca pursued her passion for hand therapy in Christchurch, New Zealand. She worked in private practice there for 5 years before joining us in mid-2017.  Rebecca works across our three clinics and is an  Accredited Hand Therapist and full member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association.  She has a particular interest in treating people post-surgery and those with persistent pain, grumpy tendons or sore joints.